My husband has worked commission jobs most of our marriage. We got into the habit of stocking up on food when he got paid well and it stuck. In the midst of that, my flighty, creative mind is always thinking of new things to make, and my impulsiveness lends itself to cooking something new rather than something we already have. All these factors added up mean that we always have a fully stocked fridge and freezer and pantry.

Because of that, I feel like I waste a lot of food. It freezes when the fridge is too full.  I forget stuff is in there, so it goes bad before we use it. I know there are lots of super organized people who shop once a week and have their little meal plans and run a tight ship in the food department. I’m not one of them. Lately, I’ve been feeling convicted that I’m not being a good steward of what God has provided for our family.  Maybe it’s not a creative mind. Maybe it’s a rebellious spirit that I want what I saw on Pinterest for dinner, not what I have in my house. And maybe some of it is sheer lack of willpower to see interesting ingredients at the store and not purchase them.

So one day my son said to me “I bet we could eat for a whole month just from the food we already have.”  Hmmm…good idea!  I thought I’d make a game out of it with my kids. How little can we spend on food for the remainder of Nov and the month of Dec. How much of what we have already can be used in the next two months? Here’s the rules: I can’t buy more than 2 ingredients per dinner. Most of what I buy needs to be fruit, veggies and dairy. All the money we save each month from our allotted grocery money goes into the fund we have to replace one of our poor cars. Good incentive. So let the games begin!