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In 2013, my goal was to change over as much of my household and personal care items as possible to natural alternatives.  I didn’t want to buy the expensive ones that still use tons of packaging and cramp my budget!  I mean low cost alternatives from things I already have around my house.  While I made a lot of changes, the one thing I just couldn’t get used to was not having the disposable wipes for the bathrooms and kitchen.  I really tried the spray with reusable rags, but it just annoys me for some reason.  So, I kept buying the Clorox Green Works ones because they were a more natural alternative.  But one day I sat down and went to work to find a reusable option and I found a great one!!!

Gather your supplies:

about 10 rags (I cut mine from t-shirts that were too stained to donate)

white vinegar

hot water

essential oil


I grabbed a disinfecting wipes container and added about 10 rags

Reusable %22green%22 wipes - www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.com

In a 1 cup measuring cup add 1/2c. vinegar and 1/2c. hot water and 10 drops of essential oil.  I love peppermint!

Reusable %22green%22 wipes 2 - www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comReusable %22green%22 wipes 3 - www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.com

Pour it over the rags and let them sit for a minute to soak up the cleaning solution.
Reusable %22green%22 wipes 4 - www.slipnotdesigns.wordpress.comThat’s it!  I usually make these up as I need them.  Since they don’t have preservatives and chemicals in them, there’s a good chance they will mold if you just leave them in the container to use whenever.  Also, I wash these cleaning rags in a separate load on hot with a bit of a vinegar rinse.  I have a little laundry basket they all go into and I do that load once a week.  Then it’s not mixing in with any of our other clean laundry!  I hope this works for your family too!!